The Last 5 months

2 02 2011

I’ve been mega slack with this blog…. Oh well here’s an update.

Short Version…
Sent another 26
Got injured
Did my first Sky Dive
Got better
Claire got her Visa
Got injured
I passed my first ever exam
Got better
Moved house

Long Version…

Once back from Europe Claire and I lodged her temporary visa application (meaning if they where in a good mood she could stay in the country indefinably)

I went back to work where I’ve been for the last 5 months. Just climbing on weekends.
I sent “Immaculate Misconception” 26 which makes 3 26’s now it’s been slow progress, seems my body won’t keep up with my mind.

Shortly after sending that i flashed a 24 that i had done before but in the process injured my finger and had to take a month off for it to heal. So I worked 21 days straight, accruing enough flex to pay for my next 2 trips and eating too many pies.

After a month off too a little bit to get back into it but feeling about 80% now so time to climb some more.
Just after xmas i did my first sky dive, then 2 more and that was it. Sat around the drop zone for 3 days and wasn’t able to jump due to weather/wind. Since then i have run out of money so jumping is on the back burner for a little while. It’s insanely addictive though, just expensive, can’t wait to do it again šŸ™‚

My bro came down for 10 days over xmas, was awesome to spend some time with him again, took him for a few climbs, which he crushed šŸ™‚ We spend new years eve and my Friends Paul and Rossie. Everyone had the required amount to drink. The next day my brother flew back to new castle and i got a text “Ey bro i don’t even remember saying good bye to you, i through up on myself…” Good times šŸ™‚

Back at work over xmas i resumed the study i had started last year and after filling my brain with too many useless facts like
Titan Chess which is included in Windows 7 is not included in all version of Windows 7. Titan Chess requires Windows Aero. Areo is only supported in Windows Home Premium and above
Rabble rabble rabble………..
I passed my first ever exam 75% (needed 70 to pass)

The next day (5 months from lodgin) Claire got her Visa which means
1. we can stay in the country and
2. I am no longer a sugar daddy šŸ™‚
3. We’ll have more money to spend on things we don’t need but must have.

Then the day after that John got his citizenship and we have a shindig to celebrate. Some more than others šŸ™‚

I’ve moved to west Hobart now. Living again with Giles (pass me a Scalpel) Barrington, Kirke (The only redeeming factor of Denmark) and Murphy (Goat Balls) the parrot. It feels like home already šŸ™‚

Next week i start a month off work and finger’s crossed i don’t injure myself i plan to climb in tassie for the whole time and hopefully climb Frenchman’s.

Oh yeah i did some topos for thesarvo – More to come when i stop being lazy šŸ™‚

Jed Parkes MCTS

The Paradiso

I look pretty in pink

Free Gear

Mr Happy (Merry)

Wet slabs…. (Bec)

Sleeping beauty (Crazy John)

I really don’t know? (Claire, Lachy and I)

The happy couple

The bubbles the bubbles (Dee, Duncan and Deano, too many D’s)

I’M GOING TO EAT YOU!!!!!!!! (Alex and Dee)

SMILE (Helen and I)

Will after how many Vodka Cruisers? šŸ˜‰

Duncan, need i say more

My Bro and I top of first pitch of “Pegasus” 14 Pipes

Claire and I on XMas day at the top of “Sky Rocket” 20 one of the best climb on the Pipes

270 Packets of Migoreng




One response

3 02 2011

Hey I resent that Denmark comment. I live in Denmark. Surely that is a reedeming feature. The beer is cheaper here than in Aus too.

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