I can do so many things with my own bare hands, FUCK IT!

18 03 2010

It’s done I sent the Totem Pole 🙂
My foot slipped on my first attempt so did it with 1 fall.
I had a decent rest, rapped back done and crushed it 🙂

Pitch 1 – Deep Play 20m 24
Great climbing, intimidating climbing off the belay with the water just below you.

Pitch 2 – The Free Route 40m 24 (more like 25?)
As it’s described on thesarvo website
“An improbable and awesome route. One of the most iconic and recognizable rock climbs in the country”
It’s sooo good, one of the best climbs I’ve ever done, I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement and help from all my friends, thanks everyone 🙂

Ween – With My Own Bare Hands


Just another day at the tote.

14 03 2010

Went to the tote again yesterday, this time with Deano (Roger, Ian, Nick and Heather were also there) Was good conditions, swell was low and I managed to climb the first pitch clean, YAY 🙂 I got really pumped on the first pitch and the second pitch doesn’t let up, it’s harder than the first pitch and the rests aren’t as good but i got up it with 3x rest, my first real red point attempt so I’m happy with that effort 🙂 Back down again in a few days to hopefully send while the beta is fresh in my mind.
It will be my last chance cause I’m off to the Grampians next weekend for 2 weeks on Tiapan wall, I’ve never been to the Grampians and I’m going with Jake (one of the most psyched ppl i know) so it should be a damn good trip 🙂

Fitzroy, the final shindig

8 03 2010

I moved out of Fitzoy on the weekend.
One last party to celebrate two memorable years in an awesome house.
Was a great night, photos say it all 🙂

High Swells @ the Totem Pole

3 03 2010

Took a day off work yesterday and went down (with Zach) to the tote again.
With my ropes stashed out there the walk in was quick and easy.
When we got there the swells were way too big to get across to the tote the normal way.
Thankfully we had a monster clip stick (Thanks Doug) I managed to do a 7m horizontal clip first shot.
That left me hanging on the second bolt of the first pitch, the swells where still big enough to get my arse wet (see video below)
After faffing around a lot to get over to the tote Zach and I had made it to the top of the first pitch without any falls.
2 other Brisbane folk had come to do the tote as well but with the swells couldn’t get across so used our ropes to get across to the belay at the top of the first pitch. Was good to have some company and their friends took some photos of us which will be great when I get a copy.
The second pitch was the reason I was back, figure out the moves and figure out the gear.
I had lots of rests but made it to the top which was an amazing feeling.
We setup the Tyrolean, went back to the mainland, had some food and a quick rest then went back over and I had a shot on TR. From just below the Crux to the top clean, got lots of the moves dialled now.
Will be back down in a few weeks to try and send it.
Amazing piece of rock that one, so much fun, awesome location and the climbing is really good.

High Swells @ the Totem Pole