Ja Arco, Nein Italia

7 09 2010

When I decided to go to Arco I thought I was traveling to a little city in the north of Italy. Alas upon arriving I found out that Arco is now under the occupation of the Deutsch. No one speaks Italian, just German. I don’t know how they did it without the press finding out. I can only guess that it is some kind of cover up…
The ridiculous amounts of Germans aside the climbing is great. We’ve been to 6 different crags so far and the guide book has 103 of them. Could spend a lot of time here and not get bored.
I do wish I was climbing harder (my own fault for over training) Some of the 7a’s (24’s) look great. I’ve mostly been doing 6a+’s & 6b’s (19’s and 20’s) most of them felt pretty stiff but that’s probably just because I’m un-fit. Slowly getting it back though, haven’t really pushed myself, only done one 6b+ (21) since I’ve been here, haven’t fallen once though, just climbing lots and enjoying being back on the rock.
It’s raining now so doesn’t look like I’ll get to climb again before I leave. I think I’ll be back though, then again I did find the Ceuse guide and it looks great, wish I had of gone there too but there’s always next time 
Ben (from 9 Fitzroy) has arrived, sorry Ben no climbing but we do have a bottle of Absinthe to consume tonight so maybe we’ll eat some bee’s 😉
2 days till I start my journey home, back on Sun 12th and back to the 1’s and 0’s on Mon 13th.

Claire on “Lupperman” 6a (18)
Sector, La Gola – Pezzent Area
"Lupperman" 6a (18)
"Lupperman" 6a (18)

Me on approach to sector ” Spiaggia Delle Lucertole”
Approach to sector " Spiaggia Delle Lucertole"

Torbole & Garda Lake
Torbole & Garda Lake




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