A “Mist”ical Adventure, ba-dum-ch

25 01 2010

Went and did the Western Arthurs last week. Planned for 8 days so we could do west portal as well but after being in a wet tent for 4 nights we decided to skip west portal and just come back down morain K making it only a 5.5 days. We had mostly shitty weather but occasional the mist would lift the hail and rain would stop and we could see where we were and what we saw was amazing, it’s real pretty up there and it was great to have finally done the walk that has been on my list for the last 5 years. They track is great, can’t get lost and the boarded camp sites were awesome in the wet weather.
The day before I left for the arthurs i finally figured out all the moves and yesterday after only 6 attemps in total i managed to do the first pitch of “Pleasant Screams” 20m 25 so happy about that. Might leave the second pitch for a while looks hard up there =/


2010 is it…

8 01 2010

Had a good xmas – new years break. Well wasn’t really a break only had weekends and public holidays off but had fun doing cool things.
XMas day 10 of us got up early and went for a surf, i managed to stand up in the end but with no leash doggy paddle back to shore to get the board was tiring.
Then went up the pipes with Claire and she did the crux pitch of “Lone Stranger” 20 her hardest ever trad lead, was AWESOME
Then went to Zach’s (and co’s) new place and ate lots of food
Great way to spend xmas day 🙂
Next day went up to Topher’s place to stay for a few night, the plan to put up the new route at “Mother Cummings”. Topher had been talking it up all year so it was good to finally go up there and do the route with him. It was a 60m crack in a corner, went at grade 19? we did it in 2 pitches (if you took 5x #3 camalots or some balls you could do it in 1 pitch) I got the second pitch, scared myself climbing around some lose block (see video below) but it was fun. My first real first ascent. Psyched to do more, not really but i can see why others love it 🙂
On the second day I was soft and didn’t climb anything but Topher did a new 30m grade 19? looked like fun. Then we went to the summit and had some fun Trundling Rocks, the first 1 I did bumped into another 1 which was HUGE and went tumble off the side, nothing topped that one for the day 🙂

New years eve Deano and I went up the Pipes and did “The Shield” 51m 20 and “Tartarus” 60m 21
I got shutdown on both but both are awesome. When we got to the summit we watch a cool lighting storm before heading backup down to Hobat, quickly eating some MiGoreng drinking a G&T with Amanda and her son Jack, then went down to the wharf and watched the fireworks.

Hmm what else, I fell on “Nefarious” 25m 22 but went back 2 days later and got it clean.
Got “Bad Habits” 15m 23 second shot
“After Midnight” 50m 24 was my project this time last year, Claire really want to climb it so I went back up to do it thinking I’d have to have a rest on the way up but got up it clean and easier than i did last year so that was cool. Rapped over “Pleasant Screams” 55m 26, looks really cool, the first pitch is only 25 so keen to start working on that 🙂

Off to to the Western Arthur’s on Friday 15th for a 8 day walk, hopefully the knees hold out =/ pretty excited to go there. The reason i started walking was to go see Lake Oberon and i never made it got a bit distracted with climbing and don’t walk much anymore…

Cleaning “I’d rather be picking goat balls” new route “Mother Cummings”

Trundling Rocks “Mother Cummings”

Lightning on new years eve “Mt Wellington” Tasmania