Usefull Links

Tasmania BOM 3 Day Forecasts
Tasmania (South Austrlia) MetVuw 7 Day Rainfall Forecasts
Tasmania South East (Totem Pole) Coastal Waters Forecast
Tasmania WeatherZone 7 Day Forecasts
Araps (Horsham)
Grampians (Stawell)
Blueys (Katoomba)

TheSarvo – Tasmania Climbing Guides

Climbing Knots & Things
Clove Hitch – Used mainly as an anchor knot
Double Figure Eight Loop – Equalize the load on two anchors
Alpine Butterfly Knot – Can be tied in the middle of a rope when you don’t have access to the ends
Prusik Knot – used in ascending a rope
Munter hitch (Italian hitch) – Can be used for belaying
Using Carabiners to abseil
Petzl Sport Catalog – Lots of great info on knots, ancors and other things.
Petzl Professional Catalog – Advanced info on pulley systems and other things

Slackline Stuff
A simple method for setting up a slackline with 6 carabiners
And use a padded line locker

Online Climbing Gear Sites
Mountain Gear
Backcountry Gear
Mountain Tools
Gear Express


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