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31 08 2010

Well we finished up at Verdon by doing a great climb “A Tout Coeur” 150m 6b+ (21) every pitch was good climbing.

Claire on crux pitch of “A Tout Coeur” 150m 6b+ (21)

Then we drove north to Chamonix and spent a few days walking around and looking at the big peaks covered in ice and snow including Mont Blanc, The highest mountain in the Alps 4810m.
It looked like there was some good rock around but according to the guide book the climbing was mostly on the other side of the range so couldn’t see the alpine routes.

Claire & Mont Blanc
Claire & Mont Blanc

After that we started to drive to Arco but didn’t make it because I decided to surprise Claire and take her to Venice for her bday. Venice was a cazy little city. You know when you are in a touist town when you have to pay €1.50 to take a piss. So many tourists in one spot, it was a cluster fuck but the fact that there are no cars in the city just a maze of canals it was fun to look around.

Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy

Now we are in Arco with about 9 days till I start the journey home, time to climb some single pitch sport routes.




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5 09 2010

WOW!! rock looks amazing!! keep it up brother!!!

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