Tassie, you kinda gotta want it

14 02 2011

In March 2009 Simon and Gary put the first route to go up the center of the east face of Mt Anne.
East Face Regular Route 240m 22 A2
John and I though we’d go out and give freeing the aid pitches a go.
No luck though, everything was seeping. Simon, Alex and Dee had walked up as well but they bailed as quick as we did. We ended up walking all the way for a game of chess. It was a good game and it was good to hang out with some friends and talk about it rather than doing it cause that what climbing is really about right πŸ˜‰

After resting for a day, decided to head down to the Paradiso @ Mt Brown.
Everyone kept saying that the conditions down there after rain where shit. That it would be seeping lots so i was a bit reluctant to down after it pissed down the whole night before. It’s an afternoon stop that’s all head down at lunch time and by the time you get there the conditions are perfect. We went down a bit early and had to sit around in the cold for ages waiting for it to get good.
Day 1 ticked “Thunder Birds Are Go” 24
Good route 2x crux’s both reachy, i found this one a tad hard.
Day 2 ticked “Offender of the Faith” 24
Awesome route. Just keeps on going with good climbing. 2x crux’s get your feet in the right position and it ain’t too bad. Even has a few bomber hand jams πŸ™‚

Week 1 of 4 down. What will the next week hold. I don’t know, dinner time now. will worry about tomorrow when it arrives. Ah, it feels good πŸ™‚

John – Simon – Alex – Dee – Shelf Camp

John – Chess – Mt Anne

John chilling in the bush

Mt Anne east face topo

Kim on “K2” 21 – with 3.5m swells

Claire getting belayers neck

Gary on “Captain Jack” 30




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