22 08 2010

We’re still in Gorge Du Verdon. We’ve done a few 150m routes which have been fun. I’ve tried top roping a 6c and a 6c+ (22 & 23) I couldn’t do the crux of the 6c+ but my neck isn’t getting any worse so that’s good.

Claire on the last pitch of “Afin que nul ne meure” 6a+ (19) 150m
"Afin que nul ne meure" 6a+ (19)

We decided to do the tourist thing and went on a canyon day trip. Wasn’t very extreme but it was fun sliding and jumping down the water falls.

Claire jumping into a hole Canyoning
Claire jumping into a hole Canyoning

Can’t escape Tasmanian’s, even on the other side of the world. A few days ago some new neighbours moved into the camp site beside us. It was a few of the Tassie base jumpers. So I’ve watch them do a few jumps which has been awesome.
Tassie Base Jumpers Verdon 1.1Tassie Base Jumpers Verdon 1.2Tassie Base Jumpers Verdon 1.3Tassie Base Jumpers Verdon 1.4
Tassie Base Jumpers Verdon 2.1Tassie Base Jumpers Verdon 2.2Tassie Base Jumpers Verdon 2.3Tassie Base Jumpers Verdon 2.4

The plan atm for the rest of the trip is to stay here for around another week, then head north to Chamonix for a few days to check it out then head east back into Italy and climb at Acro for a week. Plans always change though so we’ll see what happens.




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23 08 2010

well it appears that Tasmanians are everywhere, such as French though. Be careful anyway over there, if you have a tent or a campervan, you could be seen as a Rom, and policemen would kick you out of the country 😉

see you soon

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